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"A life without headache is a better life!"

Short video introducing the initial story, wines Low Histamines

Interview with the italian nutritionist and expert on food allergies dr. Eugenio Franzero, international wines consultant, the person who gave birth to the research about food intolerance connected to wines mr. Sebastiano Ramello and the piedmontese oenologist Osvaldo Veglio.

selects and certifies wines with histamine content below 0.5 mg/l, wines that thanks to their uniqueness, as explained in this interview, in 2016, by dr. Eugenio Franzero, can be suggested to people that are sensitive and intolerant to histamines, reducing problems connected to this particular intolerance..

A large number of people suffer from headache and migraine

In this scenario, red wines are well knowed as a cause of this status;
"Red wine headache ("RWH") is a headache often accompanied by nausea and flushing that occurs in many people after drinking even a single glass of red wine. This syndromecan sometimes develop within 15 minutes of consumption of the wine."
Numerous researches pointed out that headaches and migraines are triggered by the presence of histamines, that are normally high in red wines.

The BENEFITS of drinking a selected and guaranteed LOW HISTAMINES wine explained by the doctor, nutritionist and food intolerance expert Dr. Eugenio Franzero in this research

Low histamines certifies only wines with no more than 0.5 mg/l of histamines level at bottling
(the normal histamines level in red wines is from 4 mg/l to 20 mg/l)
This means a highly reduced risk of headaches and migraines. 

Consulting for wine makers

To learn how to produce wines with the lowest content of histamines that is possible

(Sebastiano during selection and analysis of the terrain for production)

We offer a consulting service to help wine makers to keep a low level of histamines in their wines.

You can take advantage by the knowledge coming from our researches and experience.

Sebastiano Ramello (Low Histamines Leader)

Sebastiano Ramello is an International Wine Consulting, wine expert, from Piedmont region Italy;

he grew up in one of the most important wine territory in Italy and in the world for high quality wines: Langa territory.

He deals with select high-quality wines, for importers, distributors, restaurateurs, wine club and wine lover in major world markets; he spends about 250 days a year abroad, traveling through America, Asia and Europe, where it is often invited to speak and introduce the high quality of wines.

In recent years has increasingly devoted to wine communication worldwide and seeking to improve the wines in their quality. Sensitive to the problem of wine food intolerances has devoted most of his efforts in the search for the production of wines low in histamines.


Sebastiano Ramello, Low Histamines and any other collaborator mentioned on this website do not claim any health benefits to drinking wines that will prevent migraine headaches.

Rather, based on the research and the conducted studies, those who normally get a migraine and/or headache with red wine as a trigger, may experience no headaches or reduced headache severity.

We encourage headache, migraine sufferers and those suffering from histaminosis, food intolerances to talk to their doctor if they have any questions about migraines, food intolerance linked to histamines and suffering related to histaminosis.