“Low Histamines”

certifies wine have low content of histamine not more
than 0,5 mg/liter at bottling.
All this keeping intact the high quality of fhe final product, with its own characteristics that comes from its territory.
Natural processes are the main point we focus on.

Sebastian Ramello, creator and founder of LOW HISTAMINES is the person who carried out the research since 2011, to clear set, Italian winemaker and international laboratories for analysis.


Groups that could be interested in Low Histamines activities:

  • Wine sensitives
  • People who suffer from migraines and headaches
  • Restaurants
  • Wine Stores
  • Wineries
  • Distributors
  • Media
  • Health care organizations

    If you need any information about Low Histamines activities, please contact us.

    Consulting service

    Low Histamines offers a consulting service to help wine makers to produce wines with lowest level of histamines possible;

    If you are interested, you can take advantage from our knowledge.

    Tha main points in order to obtain low histamines level wines are:

    • 50% comes from the nature (soil) and we do not have a real control over it
    • 25% comes trom a strict control of the entire line of production and cultivation along all the 12 months; first chemical fertilizer should be avoided or reduced as much as possible; then it is necessary an extreme focus during the beginning of the harvest: the grapes must be healthy on the vine and must arrive quickly to the pools for crushing, in order to avoid fermentation from inside the baskets; another important point is that wooden barrels cannot be used, since the wood contains tannins that can interact with the wine producing a higher level of histamines
    • 25% is our secret! Our researches let us, together with the help of our consulents wine makers, to discover the right way to reduce and stabilizing furthermore the histamines level of the wine; all this is made keeeping the high original quality of the wine itself.


    If you are interested in distributing and importing "Low Histamines" wines, contact us.

    Low Histamines besides selecting and certifying wines with histamine content less than 0.5mg / liter at bottling, for those who require it, certifies distributors (restaurateurs, retailers, wine bars etc ...), importers who distribute and import at least one certified Low Histamines wine, following these rules:

    After at least six months, the wine is imported or distributed (or on a menu or shelf) and after at least the second order, Low Histamines issues a certification, which proves that the sales point is an authorized Low Histamines point.
    We suggest placing the certification at the point of sale and on its website so that interested consumers know where to buy a LOW HISTAMINES wine.